Jun. 9th, 2025 01:28 am
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 It can be hard extrapolating a whole character from a 100-minute movie, so tell me if I'm doing alright. (Not that you're likely to know, all of like five people have seen Ravenous)


Jun. 7th, 2025 12:28 pm
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CHARACTER NAME: F. W. Colqhoun, AKA Colonel Ives


Backtagging: Yes please!
Threadhopping: With good reason
Fourthwalling: Yeah, like anyone's seen his canon
Offensive subjects (elaborate): I'm good with most things, although smut isn't that interesting


Hugging this character: He might bite . . .
Kissing this character: He will bite.
Flirting with this character: He doesn't mind flirting, and is even somewhat vulgar--for his time period. Just don't get too close.
Fighting with this character: A good way to get someone killed.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): He's highly resistant to harm, so injuring him would be difficult, but feel free to try. Nothing permanent, though.
Killing this character: Again, difficult to harm--and he's usually the one doing the killing. Plus, I like the bastard too much. So nah.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Only if you really want to see the mind of a cynical, insane wendigo. Plus, even the mun isn't sure what he's thinking sometimes.
Using aura reading/soulgazing: Have a frozen, emaciated werewolf thing with horns! Thorny crown and colonel uniform optional.

Warnings: . . . he's a wendigo. If you're human he'll either want to eat you or make you into another wendigo, but probably eat you.

He's also very cynical about religion and everything related to religion, considering Christians to be nothing but cannibals in better outfits and having some deeply disturbing thoughts about things like Communion and the Crucifixion. He seems to think of himself almost as some dark Messiah, a god that devours the unworthy--that is to say, almost everyone.

As an added bonus, he is a strange mix of highly patriotic and deeply embittered about the expansion of America: he happily refers to colonialism as one country eating another and believes that his nature is the nature of society in general. As far as he's concerned, the theft of the natives' land and the Mexican-American War are cannibal cults writ large, and who is he to go against it?

All in all he is a terrible person and you should run for your lives.

(His canon also includes references to lethal illnesses, suicidal thoughts and various other nasty things.)

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 I'm getting a bit stuck with Ives. He's a main character, so he's not a blank slate; but his canon is only a hundred minutes long and he has an abrupt personality switch in the middle, so it's damn hard for me to extrapolate from what we see. *Sigh*


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