May. 6th, 2017

colonelcannibal: Ives (Manifest Destiny)
 *The stream where Ives prefers to swim is cold, even in the heat of summer. Unnaturally so, perhaps. At its bank lays a cave, and there his secrets hide.

*The cave is mostly filled with bones. Skulls, jaws, fingers, the occasional arm or leg bone sucked clean of marrow. More complete skeletons deeper in, showing how his food preferences have evolved over time--or perhaps he simply learned more recipes.

*In the back of the cave, where the old bodies are deepest, a tree has grown. It exits through a hole in the roof that was undeniably carved by human hands--or what most people would call human, at least, no matter what their owner had to say on the matter.

*A farmer could tell you that the tree is an apple tree. The superstitious would have reason to think it the very tree of good and evil knowledge that doomed mankind to die. If so, however, it came from a most sinister Eden.

*Ives, being what he is, sees nothing wrong with sitting against the tree and eating the apples. They are by far the best he's ever eaten.*


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